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Morning banana diet

The diet of the banana or morning banana diet became very popular thanks to the excellent results it offers, according to some publications where ensures that follow the exact guidelines of this diet it is possible to download up to 16 pounds in a month, that Yes should be priorid ad consumption of banana mainly at breakfast.

lose 16 pounds

What is the diet of the banana?

This control in the power known as the morning banana diet, was designed in Japan for several years, the results of this diet were so successful and soon this method had already very common around the world.

banana diet


To being a morning meal plan, is required to be set control on foods that are consumed in the morning mainly at breakfast.

A banana with a glass of water to climate should be consumed at breakfast. According to the creators, this makes is believed or gel in your stomach which in turn causes a level of satiety will generate until the next meal.

Lunch and dinner

During lunch and dinner the only recommendation is to eat foods low in fat and if possible to consume plenty of fluids with low sugar. In addition to the case of dinner foods are recommended before 20:00.

Why consume banana?

It is know that the banana contains inulin and other frutooligosacaridos not digestible by intestinal enzymes, which reach the final tract of the intestine and have beneficial effects on the intestinal flora and transit. Additionally it is rich in minerals such as potassium and magnesium which is very convenient to consume it in patients with hypertension, as well as in the practice of physical activity to prevent cramps in the muscles.

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However despite all the advantages mentioned above not can be based feeding on this product, so the consumption of other healthy foods and some physical activity is necessary to achieve lower step.

Morning banana diet review

Those who have chosen to follow the nutritional plan designed in the morning banana diet, say that they have achieved satisfactory results at 2 weeks of implementation. Then here is some banana diet success stories told by real people.

Hana Brown:I am Hana, I have 47 years, live in Boston – Massachusetts, start the diet of bananas with a weight of 168 pounds, after two weeks achieved lose 25 pounds, now I feel much better and will soon initiate a new plan to achieve my ideal weight I’m happy”

Morning banana diet results pictures

Morning banana diet results pictures

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