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Watermelon diet success stories

Diets are methods by which the majority of the world’s population has opted for weight loss. New diets always come out to the world of advertising. Some seem miraculous and clearly not all work. There are some that actually allow people to lose weight, others on the other hand have the well-known “bounce effect” that because they are so restrictive, make you gain the weight that you had before, or even more.

Watermelon diet
Watermelon diet

Many people are afraid to diet watermelon because it is a fruit of a high glycemic index (the content that has a food to increase blood sugar levels). However, 93% of the water that this fruit has causes the glycemic load to drop. So, if consumed in a balancedway, the blood sugar will not increase.

What is the watermelon diet?

It is a diet that is based on 1200 calories a day. This can make it easier for you to lose 2000 pounds per week.

In this diet, some foods are replaced by the sandmelon. This is done because the watermelon is satiating,while bringing a low number of calories to the body. This way, you lose weight.

It should be made clear that most meals that are consumed a day are not replaced by watermelon, rather, they are desserts or snacks, usually changed by the consumption of watermelon.

It is very important to know that although this fruit is very healthy and allows to lose weight, it is not feasible that it is implemented in our food plan for more than five days why? Because it can cause the so-called “bounce effect.”

Opinions On Implementing Watermelon in Our Diet

The red color of watermelon comes from the chemical: Lycopene. This substance is excellent for providing cardiovascular benefits.

The north Carolina State University professor in Raleigh, Penelope Perkins-Veazie commented that “although in cooked tomatoes you can find lycopene, if it is a fresh meal, there is nothing better than Watermelon.” Professor Raimon Vazco added that “red watermelon has more lycopene than other types of watermelons and when watermelon has no seeds, it has even more of this substance.”

Watermelon Diet Results
Watermelon Diet Results

On the other hand, according to various studies it has been proven that the fruit (no matter what it is) does not fatten,but rather is very good to prevent obesity and overweight. A Spanish researcher can say regarding this topic that “In fruit, sugar is followed by many antioxidants, a lot of fiber and of course, plant compounds that are very beneficial. Fructose (sugar) in this case does not cause problems”

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