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warrior diet success stories

Its creator Ori Hofmekler is a true warrior who was part of the Israeli army, under these arguments and his source of inspiration based on the  experiences of ancient hunters, thus the diet was named  that seeks to counteract obesity and achieve a beautiful and healthy body.

warrior diet success stories
warrior diet success stories

What does the diet consist of?

The diet consists of spending most of the day in a partial fast, that is, for approximately 18 hours no solid food will be consumed, only liquids such as soft drinks, milk, natural juices without sugar or coffee. No soft drinks or processed beverages.
In the evening is the only time of the day where the person will be able to eat only one meal, which also includes only food in its natural state, i.e., not processed foods such as sausages or canned food.
The allowed foods are vegetables, proteins and some carbohydrates. This theory is based on the fact that in ancient times people did not have the opportunity to eat several meals because they had to hunt daily, so they usually ate only at night.

Does the warrior’s diet or fasting work?

This diet is successful because the body in the absence of food is consuming the existing fat as the only source of energy and then gives way to the burning of extra fat in the body.

Foods allowed in the diet

  • Salads
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Dried fruits
  • Fresh meats

Meats can be prepared in the oven or grilled, avoiding oils that may alter its caloric composition and saturated fats.
Another argument of this diet is that intermittent fasting increases the metabolic level of the body accelerating the burning of body fat and calories present in the body.

Testimonial and warrior diet success stories

Geraldine Waltson:– My name is Geraldine, I adopted this eating plan and it has worked for me, I implemented the Warrior diet 3 times, it has allowed me to lose 4 pounds in 1 week. I do it intermittently without abusing meals during the rest time. It is good and if it works, you can try it.

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