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Potato diet success stories

We all like to look good, and to achieve it sometimes the weight appears to increase as an obstacle to achieving the ideal figure. Fortunately there are a wide variety of options that allow to counteract those pounds others, one of them is diets, and this time we want to talk to you about a specific and very effective seemingly “daddy’s diet”.

Potatoe diet success stories
Potatoe diet success stories

This dietary option consists of the intake for a long time of potato as the only food to be consumed. Its effectiveness has been questioned, but verifiable results have also been seen in people who have taken on the challenge by achieving a remarkable weight loss.

The success of this diet may be based on the low amount of calories represented by this food as the participant’s only food consumption, in addition this tuber enjoys a high presence of fiber and vitamins that provide important nutrients to the body.

How should the potato be consumed?

The experts’ recommendations regarding their intake mode highlight that fried, roasted only, baked or sancochada should not be consumed, so their consumption would be as healthy as possible for greater effectiveness.

It is also suggested that a non-prolonged consumption and no more than 7 continuous days, can be done intermittently resting every 7 days and continue the diet once the break is over.

Remember that your body needs nutrients and vitamins from various foods and depriving them of them could have consequences you wouldn’t want to face.

As you do the potato diet, use it naturally, not packed or with preservatives, the healthier and lower in salt the better the results you will get.

It is ideal that you accompany this diet with an exercise routine, so you would avoid the dreaded rebound effect at the end of the diet, which would represent the appearance of more kilos to your weight and this is not what you want.

Testimonies and success stories.

As we mentioned earlier, which despite the criticisms of this diet, there are many people who attest to the effectiveness of this diet. Here are some testimonials and potato diet success stories.

Angela T. Paz – 28 years old- I was overweight since I was a child, at 25 years I tried the potato diet and in the first phase I managed to lose 15 pounds, in this way I have continued to take care of my eating habits and every 4 months I make the potato diet for 7 days and the results are very good. I am happy.

Janis Z. Robertson – 39 years old – after having my second child I started to get fat very quickly, I tried to lose weight with medications and diets that did not yield, when I tried the potato diet I started to notice the changes from the fourth day, in total I lost more than 30 pounds in just 6 months, I recommend it.

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