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Pineapple diet success stories

This diet is one of the most popular among dieters, the pineapple diet has countless testimonies of people who tried it and recorded its effectiveness in them. Part of its success lies in the diuretic properties of this fruit, so it helps to remove fat through urine.

Pineapple diet success stories
Pineapple diet success stories

There are those who opt for its specific consumption for a short period of time in order to lose weight, but nutritionists claim that it would be more effective if combined with other fiber-rich foods and thus do not deprive the body of receiving the nutrients it needs for its proper functioning.

If you are going to try this diet we recommend ingesting the fruit in pieces, not in liquefied or sugar, so you will make better use of the nutrients and each of its properties.

It is normal that at times you feel some weakness, so during the days of the diet avoid doing demanding activities and stay at rest.

Always drink plenty of water and eat as much pineapple as this will be your only food. The pineapple diet promises to yield results as fast as 2 days so don’t hesitate to weigh yourself constantly.

Pineapple will help you cleanse and detoxify your body, but it is not advisable to use it for many days, the body needs the other foods in the pyramid to be healthy, if you are going to perform this diet that is only in case of emergency.

During the diet you can take advantage of all the pineapple even its shell, boil it for a few minutes and then when it cools it as a refreshing tea that will help you clean from the inside out.

The pineapple diet is the preferred one among detox diet lovers, as it fulfills everything they expect from a detox regimen.

Real testimonials and opinions

Next, you’ll find success stories of real people who lost weight, carrying out the pineapple diet.

For a long time I am overweight, at 45 years I will go to weigh more than 180 pounds, so I decided to make the pineapple diet, for 6 months I consume the diet plan for 8 days each month and the truth the results have been very good, I managed to lose 30 pounds.

Wanda L. Johnson


before I knew the pineapple diet eating plan my life was total chaos, I didn’t like my body I wanted to die. Thanks to this diet I have managed to lose more than 20 pounds in just two months.

Judy W. Fishman


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