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Maple syrup diet success stories

Many are the testimonies and success stories of the maple syrup diet, it is said that this diet makes a person lose up to 6 kilos in a period of 11 days.

Its fame is due to the fact that many people and celebrities claim that they have been able to lose weight with the help of this diet. To learn more about the maple syrup diet, how to do it and several testimonials of its effectiveness, we invite you to continue reading the post.

Maple Syrup diet 

The maple syrup diet is considered a depurative type diet, its objective is to eliminate toxins from the body, as well as to burn fat and lose up to 6 kg, by generating a caloric deficit.

Its plan consists of substituting meals with a drink made from this syrup, which will be our food source. The drink is made by mixing 16 tablespoons of maple syrup in two liters of mineral water and the juice of three to four lemons.

For some people this diet is not very healthy, that is why it is recommended to use it under medical restriction, since not all people are candidates to do it.

How to do the maple syrup diet?

Before starting this diet you should do a pre-diet three days before. During those days you should drink the syrup mixture accompanied only by salads, broth, whole wheat bread and fruits, as well as infusions, avoiding coffee and tea. The first day you take 1 liter of the drink, the second day 750 ml and the remaining content on the third day.

The following 7 to 10 days you will start the diet, you will only be able to consume the maple syrup drink and drink herbal teas from time to time. During these days avoid the consumption of solid food, so that the drink can do its work in the body.

Once the diet days are over, it is recommended that for three days you include the pre-diet foods, along with the syrup mixture, this will avoid the rebound effect. To maintain the results obtained with the maple syrup diet, it is recommended to have a balanced diet, combined with physical activity.

Testimonials and maple syrup diet success stories

maple syrup diet results

Anne Morris 31 years old, I have tried the maple syrup diet several times, sometimes with better results than others. However, I can say that if it works, I managed to lose up to 3 kg. I recommend it but you have to be careful with it, as well as with any type of diet, so before doing it ask my doctor.

Tom Miller 40 years old, this diet surprised me a lot, since I was able to lose a few kilos in a short time. At first it was not easy, getting used to just ingesting the syrup is hard. I was complementing it with exercise and taking care of my diet after doing it and I have had good results.

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