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How long do panic attacks last?

It’s unfortunate, but completely understandable that the modern world we are living in today has been called the age of anxiety. When it comes to panic and anxiety, most people feel absolutely hopeless. You’re probably here to discover how long Panic Attack last and what you can do about them.

Some people find that panic attacks last just a few minutes. Other people find that their panic attack can last as long as a few hours. However, the vast majority of cases of last approximately 30 to 45 minutes.

Panic Attack symptoms
Panic Attack

When suffering from a panic attack, most people feel like the world is going to end. To many people, it feels surprisingly similar to a heart attack. Your heart pounds, your chest hurts, your limbs start tingling, and you feel suddenly weak. If that’s not devastating, I don’t know what is!

Although panic attacks usually last less than an hour, the person who actually has to suffer through it can feel like it’s going on for days. Everything feels exaggerated and dramatic, even if there’s no logical reason for it.

Fortunately you can help the situation — you don’t have to be stuck with just wondering how long panic attack last. You can actually do something about it! There is help out there and you don’t have to be stuck with this condition forever.

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