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Heart soup diet success stories

The success stories of the Heart Soup Diet serve as a reference to support the fact that the Heart Soup Diet does work to lose weight. This, as long as it is accompanied by discipline and a strict and responsible practice. This method of weight loss has become very famous among people who want to lose weight, because of the fast results that can be achieved in a few days.

heart soup diet success stories
Heart soup diet success stories

Does the heart soup diet work?

The heart soup diet to lose weight consists of a cabbage preparation, which mixes other vegetables with high nutritional content and low caloric content.

This eating routine should be done for a week, during which time it will be modified every day, according to the progress of the person who is carrying it out.

The origin of this diet is said to come from the Sacred Heart Hospital, where nutritionists designed it for patients who needed to lose weight quickly, being this way of feeding, necessary for them to undergo heart surgery, so it is a clear indication that it does work.

What does the diet consist of?

The basis of the diet is a soup of cabbage, tomatoes, onions and pumpkin. The diet should be carried out as follows:

Day 1

Only the soup should be consumed together with some fruit of the person’s choice.

Day 2

The soup is consumed and at dinner it is accompanied with a baked potato of about 200 grams.

Day 3

Again the soup, but this time instead of the potato, a lot of fruit is recommended.

Day 4

The soup is accompanied by three bananas throughout the day.

Day 5

Between 300 and 500 grams of meat or chicken along with the soup and cooked vegetables.

Day 6

Soup and any amount of beef or chicken the person desires.

Day 7

Soup with brown rice and natural juice without sugar.

It is important to remember that during this dietary plan, fried foods, excess sugar, bread, alcohol, soft drinks, fast food, or other foods that are not specified in the dietary plan are completely forbidden.

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