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Egg diet success stories

Long time eggs have been considered a basic and indispensable foodstuff in the pantry from the kitchen in the world, the popularity of this food lies in its speed of preparation, exquisite taste and the amount of nutrients that contributes to the body.

egg diet to lose weight

There is much to talk about the egg, but in this case we will try a particular issue which is egg as a staple in a diet plan.

Egg diet plan.

As you know the egg is a food that lends itself to prepare in different ways, so there are several plans of diets from the egg, then, we will see some details of each diet.

Fast diet of egg: It is a diet plan, which is based in egg consumption throughout the day, as a complement you can opt for butter or cheese according to your preference. This is a diet which induces the body to enter State ketone burning accumulated fat for energy.

Egg and grapefruit diet: Although its name does not include it, this diet requires egg and vegetables, grapefruit for its part is included as a complement to accelerate weight loss.

Only egg diet: It is not a recommended diet because as its name implied it, it is designed for the exclusive consumption of egg for a couple of week. This diet in some cases provoked fainting and body weakness.

Diet of the hard boiled egg: It is the best choice for those people who want to lose weight by consuming the nutrients that the body requires for proper operation. The hard boiled egg diet food plan allows the consumption of vegetables, fruits, chicken and meat, all this in moderate proportions for e prevent over-consumption of calories.Egg diet plan

Egg diet reviews

Diets based on egg have been very popular in the United States, Europe and Latin America, in the majority of cases people have managed to lose weight in the time established in each diet. To verify what was said previously we’ve collected testimonials from real people who decided to tell their experiences through egg diet success stories.

Margaret S. Lewis (45 years old): Margaret has implemented the hard boiled egg diet for 14 days, reach an ideal weight according to its size, this is your testimony.

“I was able to lose 20 pounds in just two weeks, in principle it was a bit difficult to get used to this diet plan, however, after five days already everything was normal for me, last week I started to see a change in my weight and the days following needle scale down constantly. Today I am very happy, I recommend this diet plan to anyone who wants to lose weight effectively”

Danielle K. Kerns (30 years old): Danielle is a girl from Cincinnati, during his adolescence and youth was overweight, this caused you psychological trauma as well as all physical limitations caused by overweight, his testimony reads as follows:

“I met the egg diet in the year 2013, however, I didn’t want to take any action that will jeopardize my health, so I went where the nutritionist, the designed a diet plan based on the egg to take it for 3 weeks.” In principle, it was very difficult to take the rhythm of the diet, so to the first 3 days it fails and I started to eat more than normal, six months later start again the meal plan, began to eat egg every day at breakfast, lunch and dinner by controlling also the c consumption of junk food and increasing fruits and vegetables. Today I can say that the egg diet is the best thing that could have happened to me, manages to lose more than 40 pounds and as a result today have a better quality of life”

Egg diet results pictures

These are some images that bear witness to the results of the diet of the egg.

Egg diet results pictures


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