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Detox Diet Week, lose weight in 7 days

Detox diets or eating plans that aims to eliminate toxins accumulated in the body at the time that detoxify the digestive tract and other systems of the human body are detoxifying. On this occasion we will give you a meal plan detox specially designed for one week, which yields effective results short-term weight loss.


Usually when one speaks of diet detox we automatically think of green juice or food unappetizing, but not always so, as this plan is designed with daily food consumption that they give the body detoxifying properties.

Meal plan for the week


Green tea + oatmeal with soy milk and blueberriesNatural tomato with parsley juiceArtichokes steamed with Apple Cider vinegar + celery-pineapple Smoothie + green tea infusionOrange, papaya, and pineapple juiceChard steamed with onion + strawberries and pineapple juice


Green tea + oatmeal with soy milk and strawberriesCucumber-pineapple SmoothieCream of asparagus and lettuce and quinoa salad + lemon, pineapple and chopped red grape juiceFennel infusion + 7 walnutsCream of carrot + cucumber, celery-pineapple Smoothie


Green tea + kiwi and orange saladNatural cranberry juice + 7 almondsLettuce, tomato, shrimp and Pineapple Salad + lemon with a tablespoon of honey juiceInfusion of dandelionBroth and chicken with steamed chard + strawberries with orange juice


Green tea, 30 g of bread of seeds with tomatoes and a spoonful of olive oilGreen tea + 10 almondsSalad of spinach with garlic and steamed mustard seeds + hake grilled with oregano + orange juicePapaya and Pineapple SaladDetox Smoothie: 1 celery, 1 tomato, 1 cucumber, 1L of water with sesame seeds + cranberry juice


Green tea + 1 macedonia of kiwi and papaya with chia seedsJuice of tomato with walnutsScrambled eggs with asparagus with 1 egg and eggplant grilled + Orange cinnamonFennel infusion + 1O almondsSmoothie detox: 3 cucumbers and 1 pineapple with 3 glasses of water with sesame seeds + juice of red grapes


soy milk, 30 g of bread of seeds with tomatoes and a spoonful of olive oilGreen tea + juice of carrot, Orange and lemonSalad of red and yellow peppers with rocket salad and sesame seeds + salmon grilled with thyme + natural pineapple juiceStrawberry milkshake + 3 peanutsBleating detox: 3 cucumbers and 1 pineapple with 3 glasses of water with sesame seeds + juice of red grapes


Soymilk with strawberries and orange juiceGreen tea + 10 almondsCream of asparagus with pumpkin seeds + cherry tomatoes grilled chicken fillet + raspberry SmoothieOrange juice and carrot with 1 tablespoon of honeyDetox Smoothie: 2 cups spinach, 2 apples and celery 1tallo + lemon juice and half a glass of water + orange cinnamon

Foods to include in your diet detox.

As he had said earlier the detox diets are designed with foods that provide the body detoxifying properties, here are some foods that can be included in a diet detox.


Berries such as strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. They are rich in an antioxidant, proantoianidina, which could help to prevent cancers and cardiovascular diseases.

Apple. Their skin contains a lot of antioxidants such as flavonoids and vitamin C that would make against free radicals.

Grapes. It provides polyphenols and flavonoids, which help control bad cholesterol, lower blood pressure and protect the heart.

Broccoli. Besides being also rich in vitamin C, it brings a lot of calcium that contributes to the strengthening of our bones and to protect us from free radicals.

Carrot. Rich in antioxidants such as beta carotene, that help synthesize vitamin A with important protective properties of the view.

Tomato. Rich in lycopene, whose absorption improves if it is accompanied by a beneficial fat as olive oil, which is an important antioxidant and radical scavenger free.

Dried fruits (walnuts, almonds). They are rich in fats essential for the organism (Omega 6), we can not synthesize and that it is necessary to insert into the diet of externally. They are also an important source of vitamin E.

Salmon. It is an animal protein which not only provides essential amino acids to build our muscles and cell membranes, but also source of Omega 3 (another essential for the organism and cardioprotective properties FAT) and minerals such as selenium with antioxidant properties.

Tips for greater effectiveness in the diet

Acquire certain habits are essential to complement the diet detox, issues of nutrition and endocrinology specialists recommend to take into account the following tips.

detox diet week

Drink green tea a day: Green tea is a drink with antioxidant properties which prevents premature aging and also strengthens the immune system. Another of the benefits of green tea is to prevent some diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes; that, combined with a balanced diet, helps lower glucose levels in blood

Hydration: Should drink so regularly at least 2 litres of water a day, this helps the correct functioning of the renal system in the Elimination of substances toxic.

Consume little salt: consuming foods low in salts help to prevent the retention of liquids and whether to bring a healthier body.

Exercise: A daily routine of 30 to 60 minutes a day will help in addition to controlling weight to release the anxiety and stress which is reflected in better general health.

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