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Brown rice diet success stories

Rice is one of the most consumed cereals in the world, so far there is no report that its consumption can be harmful, on the contrary it is good for adults and children.

Its nutritional properties make it an excellent detoxifying food, in addition to its action in favor of good digestion, due to the abundant fiber it is considered a good ally when you want to lose weight in a healthy way.

One of the best qualities of rice is that the calorie content it contains is almost zero, which means that even consuming this cereal in significant quantities does not represent extra kilos for the body, obviously if it is prepared properly.

Its low amount of sodium makes it ideal to counteract liquid retention and if that were not enough, it is a cereal that provides those who consume it with a feeling of satiety that will keep them satisfied until the next meal.

How to do the brown rice diet?

The rice diet for immediate weight loss is recommended to be done for a period of time not exceeding 9 days. At the beginning of that period will have a detoxifying effect on the body and the rest of the days will begin the burning of calories to lose those extra kilos.

Basically this diet consists of a breakfast with brown rice cream, which is nothing more than parboiled rice and blended with honey and cinnamon.

At lunch the menu is brown rice with vegetables, and at dinner it can be grilled rice croquettes or a rice soup with vegetables.

brown rice diet results


Testimonials and brown rice diet success stories

Lilly Baker 28 years old, I have been on this diet several times from time to time with very good results. It helps me a lot with my digestive system to get rid of constipation and it also makes me lose kilos that I don’t gain back easily. I highly recommend it.

Bruce Evans 55 years old, at my age it is more difficult for me to lose weight and above all to lose it in a healthy way, with the brown rice diet I was able to achieve my goal of losing more than 3 kilos being constant and complementing it with exercise. I am very happy to be able to lose weight, but above all to do it taking care of my health.

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