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Bone broth diet success stories

The bone broth diet created by naturopathic doctor Kellyann Petrucci, has been gaining fame over the years, especially in recent times, where even celebrities have revealed that it works, as the case of actor Mark Wahlberg, and like him many are the success stories of the bone broth diet.

This diet is described as a healthy dietary regimen, which includes bone broth as an essential food, with countless properties that favor the immune system, digestive, circulatory and especially weight loss.

Despite such fame, the diet has many detractors who claim that it lacks studies and that it is no more effective than a standard reduced calorie diet; and that its long-term effects are also unknown. To learn more about this diet, how to do it and several testimonials of its effectiveness, we invite you to continue reading the post.

Bone broth diet 

This diet is not defined within a single group of diets, as it combines a paleo, low-carbohydrate diet with intermittent fasting. It is mainly based on the consumption of bone broth as an essential food. Its objective is that a person can lose between 6 and 7 kilos, as well as reduce several centimeters of waist. All thanks to the caloric deficit generated by consuming foods low in calories and bad fats.

Despite such wonders, some believe that this diet is not very healthy and lacks many studies that claim that the bone broth is really beneficial to health, so it is recommended to perform it under medical restriction.

How to do the Bone broth diet?

This diet is very simple, it basically consists of a soup made with the bones and cartilage of chicken or beef, exposed to high temperature, which allows them to disintegrate and thus all the nutrients can be extracted. To the soup you can add some spices and one or another vegetable, but in small quantities.

During the 21 days of this diet you have to consume the bone broth, you must choose two days per week that are not followed to make the mini-breakfast. The other 5 remaining days you will follow a paleo type diet without fasting, all meals you are going to eat must be before 7 pm.

Fasting days

In these days you can only eat a maximum of 500 calories, you should eat 6 cups of bone broth or if you prefer only 5 servings of broth and in the evening a small snack with protein, healthy fats and non-starchy vegetables.

Non-fasting days

During these days you can consume foods such as protein, fruits, vegetables and healthy fats, to be distributed as follows during the day.

  • Breakfast: one serving of protein, one serving of fat, one serving of fruit.
  • Lunch: one serving of protein, two servings of vegetables, one serving of fat.
  • Dinner: one serving of protein, two servings of vegetables, one serving of fat.
  • Snacks: one serving of one cup of bone broth twice a day.

This diet regimen should be applied for 21 days, as previously mentioned, but if you want to extend it to obtain more weight loss, you can do it for up to 42 days. To maintain the results obtained with this diet, as with any other diet, it is recommended to have a balanced diet, combined with physical activity.

Testimonials and Bone broth diet success stories

Bone broth diet results

Julieth S. Morris 28 years old, I have always been a woman with bad eating habits, in my youth I ate a lot of junk food situation that led me to be overweight. For this reason I decided to implement the bone broth diet and I have achieved very good results, I recommend it.

Gregory Cass 40 years old. As a child I was overweight, not only because of my bad eating habits, but also because of family inheritance. This condition brought to my life many insecurities, which affected my mental health, that is why two months ago, I decided to start this diet. I had heard a lot about it and now I understand why. Today I can say that I managed to lose up to 5 kilos, which I have maintained thanks to changing my eating habits and practicing physical activity.

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