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Acai berry benefits and its side effects

Losing weight and looking great will always be in season, possibly short of a nuclear disaster or perhaps more so even then. That’s the reason people have started looking into natural methods of encouraging our body to get slimmer, into acai berry benefits. Celebrities like Oprah and Rachel Ray have taken it upon themselves to promote this berry, Oprah even going so far as to call it some sort of Superfood. That’s not a title that people give easily, especially to diet food. Amazonian tribes are one of the few people to have used this wonderful berry as a part of their everyday lives, although for them it was more for its health and healing benefits rather than its dietary ones.

There are a number of side effects of acai berry that have been noted by both marketers and enormous supporters of this product, not the least of which is the increased energy level increase attributed to consumption of this dietary supplement. Martial artists and athletes have looked into the benefits, providing both endurance, stamina and strength. It even helps when a person’s looking to developing more muscles to help burn off more fat per exercise set.

acai berry diet

For the most part, the most publicized side effect of acai berry is the fact that consuming it reduces your appetite. For most people that’s actually a benefit – for athletes who are more worried about nutrition rather than weight control it could prove a problem. Fortunately, it takes immense consumption of these berries to actually gain this acai berry benefit.

While increase in male genitalia size as a benefit is one of those things that marketers probably made up, other listed benefits to consuming the fruit are pretty much known to be true. These effects include but are not limited to increased fiber which aids in detoxification.

Increase immune system strength is another well known and well publicized benefit to consuming it. All these benefits actually come from anthocyanins, which red wine also has in spades. It is the reason a glass of red wine a day is actually beneficial.

Anthocyanins provide a variety of beneficial effects from resistance to aging, probably a concern to anyone looking for the dietary effect of the acai berry. Cancer studies are actually on the way to see how much of an effect anthocyanins can have on preventing and stunting cancer. As stated before, red wine is a good source, but as an alcoholic drink it has drawbacks. The acai berry is a wonderful alternative to red wine for those who ingest it for that purpose as it does not strain the liver.

The acai berry also possesses a healthy number of anti-oxidants, which leads to the aforementioned strengthening of your immune system. With all the pollution in the air, it pays to be careful.

The dietary acai berry benefit lies in its effect on a person’s metabolism. Fatty acids in addition to amino acids aid the body in burning the fat present which can push a person’s diet past a particular plateau. It’s no miracle fruit however, no fruit is. Without the exercise and the effort, an acai berry won’t do much for you. Combined with a proper diet and exercise, the acai berry becomes a powerful tool.

side effects of acai berry

There are some concerns running around however. Whenever anything new comes up, criminals come out of the woodwork, looking for a way to take advantage of people who just want to look good. The Acai berry has benefits – a pyramid scam or Ponzi scheme still carries the same risks and inevitable defeats no matter what product is involved.

But what does acai berry taste like? Well, sources vary but for the most part it is described as chocalatey with a mix of raspberries. For most people, that’s actually a winning mix.

Be aware that this is the agreed upon taste for the acai berry’s natural state. Mixing it into a drink or into a pill obviously changes the tastes involved in its consumption. Juice bars have taken to adding it as one of their more popular flavor choices. Even the drink Snapple has released an acai berry flavored version of their product.

Dieting’s tough, especially if you’re in a cold area. It’s hard to warm up, much less get up when it’s freezing and your room is nice and toasty. Working up a sweat can simply be impossible for some people, making losing weight almost impossible. That’s people are looking for every single edge they can get in the battle against fat and in the campaign to look great and fabulous.

Who can blame them? Society’s pressing hard on looks and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. It forces people to think about what they’re putting inside their bodies, perhaps even leading to greater focus on proper eating habits and products. The Acai berry is only one of the many healthier alternatives for people on a diet or for people who just want to eat better things.

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