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Colon cleansing benefits

There are a number of colon cleansing benefits that you have to hear about, even if you don’t want to know. For the squeamish, this just isn’t a pleasant topic of discussion. The side effects of colon cleansing are mostly beneficial and for the most part overpower any negative effects of doing so.

There are a large number of benefits to it, from proper digestion to fixing up your blood pressure, clearing blockages and taking care of harmful bacteria as well. In short, it’s just really good for your body.

Not many people want anything to do with stuff for the backdoor – just let it do its business and forget about it. When you’re young, you can probably get away with that kind of lifestyle. Obviously, the older you get the less likely it is you can do that.

colon cleansing

You need to actively maintain your body as you age, which also means cleaning out your colon. It’s more important as you get older, but even in your early twenties you should be taking advantage of the health benefits that colon cleansing provides.

All the stuff that your body doesn’t need, those wastes that are unhealthy to keep in, go out that way and if you don’t keep the tubes cleared, you’ll end up with a most unpleasant and disgusting backlog.

For the uninformed, the colon is a part of the large intestine that ends at the anus, which is also involved with the small intestine. As with many parts of the body it has a purpose and it does it fantastically. That purpose is to let you absorb all those liquids that you ingest to keep yourself hydrated and energized, as well as to remove everything that you can’t use.

What you can use goes straight into your bloodstream through the two-way membrane. Nutrients, minerals and supplements – everything you take in goes in and out through the colon. If the colon is clogged up, chances are you’ll not end up absorbing the nutrients that you need.

Poisons and toxins are normal. We all encounter it every minute of every day with everything we consume and even the things we just breathe in. Luckily our bodies are well designed, cleaning out and sifting out the vast majority of potentially dangerous or harmful things we unknowingly ingest. However, as with many machines, it requires maintenance. Things get clogged up, slowing down the entire process.

Being overloaded with these harmful wastes leads to a spiral of well, bad things. First it weakens our various defenses, from our immune systems to our glandular systems. This leads to more bacteria getting past our defenses, leading to increased ammonia and thus, lowered PH levels.

That’s where things get tricky – this lowered acidity is a free lunch sign for parasites of all kinds, further reducing whatever nutrients or benefits you could actually gain from things you consume. This then creates more toxins, making the situation worse and worse. This cycle can potentially lead to very dangerous conditions, anything from a simple cold to at worst, provoking the onset of cancer.

Everything goes wrong when you don’t clean out your colon. If you’re not getting the nutrients you need, your entire body takes one for the team. If you’re not digesting, bad things happen. If you don’t digest things, they just stay in your stomach, making your stomach extra acidic.

This then leads to yet another environment that promotes the growth and development or harmful bacteria and parasites. In fact, the term for this is called “self-poisoning”, which it turns out to be.

Some people might ask “What happens during a colon cleanse?” As stated above, an unclean colon can store a lot of half-digested and rotting food. What you need to know is that it can keep it in your stomach for over half a decade. These things can stay there till the day you die, causing a whole lot of problems, not the least of which is continued weight gain. A 40 pound obstruction in your colon is not as uncommon as you would like to believe.

inflammation through the colon

Cleaning out your colon gets rid of that obstruction, leading to an overall healthier state. You might not believe that you’ve gotten unhealthier, but the fact is you probably are. We put so much nasty stuff into our bodies it’s actually not funny anymore. Degeneration from this is gradual, never sudden and it’s very difficult to spot that kind of a gradual change.

We may be living longer on average than the ancient Romans but that doesn’t mean we can just cut loose and not care about our bodies entirely. Our colons are a key aspect of this – it’s how we get rid of the stuff we don’t need in our bodies. Funky and random stuff in your room might give it more personality, but all it does in your stomach is make you sick.

Make sure that you take care of your colon. Your colon does a lot of nasty work just to take care of you.

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