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Cambridge diet success stories

This diet has great acceptance among participants who have already tried it and those who want to lose weight. One of the most important things before doing this diet is that the reduction of calories consumed daily is highly considerable, that means that it can cause side effects such as dizziness, tiredness, sleepiness; so medical supervision is recommended during its execution.

The diet was conceived and created by R. Alan Howard at the University of Cambridge and basically consists of a diet plan that provides its candidates with an amount of calories per day by consuming specific foods, not to exceed 1,000 calories per day.

Its application can be short or long term if it is adjusted according to what can be eaten, the calories are increased and the foods varying to provide the body with all the nutrients it needs.

How does the Cambridge diet work?

The diet is based on the consumption of Cambridge products that at first will only be energy bars, shakes, soups and purees, but then you can incorporate vegetables, vegetables and white meats, its author promises that it has no rebound effect in those who do it with discipline.

The diet is done in phases that can be up to 6, depending on the weight loss goal that the person sets for himself, giving excellent results to all those who have experienced it because basically the body begins to transform fat into energy.

Results Cambridge Diet

Testimonials and success stories

Melissa Jones 25 years old, I started the Cambridge diet plan due to an important overweight problem that I had been having since I was a teenager. After following each of the phases with discipline and following the specialist’s recommendations, I was able to lose 50 pounds thanks to this wonderful diet.

Angus Lovegrove 35 years old, since I was very young I had problems with my weight, I reached adulthood and I was still the same, so I decided to practice physical activity and look for a complementary diet to help me lose weight. In that search I found this diet, I followed all the recommendations in company of my specialist and I could see very good results.

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